Homemade Chicken Costume

There's nothing cuter than a fluffy little chick!

This homemade chicken costume will give you the most adorable little chick ever.

Suitable for kid's of all ages!

Here's what you'll need:

  • White leotard or t-shirt
  • Yellow tights or hosiery
  • Yellow rubber gloves
  • White maribou feather boas - depending on size of child you may need more than one
  • Fabric glue
  • White plastic headband or white knit hat
  • Red felt cloth
  • Scissors
  • Make up or face paints
  • Two large safety pins

Glue the maribou boas onto the leotard or t-shirt covering the entire item.

Fold the red felt so that two pieces can be cut at the same time.

Cut the red felt with zig zags on one side to make a rooster's crown.

Glue the two halves of red felt together then glue to the headband or white hat.

Also glue a piece of boa onto the headband or hat.

Have your child put on the yellow tights, then the feather covered leotard.

Place the headband or hat on their head.

A little yellow face paint around the mouth and/or nose for a beak.

Put a little rosy color on the cheeks.

Place the rubber gloves on their feet with the palm sides on the bottom side of their feet. Rubber gloves generally have raised areas on the palms that can be used for traction.

Gather the gloves around the ankle and safety pin on the back side to keep them on their feet.

There you have it, one fluffy adorable homemade chicken costume.

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