Something About Babies...

..seems to really get my entrepreneurial spirit moving.

Hi!  I'm Donna aka Grandma.....the woman behind this website.  

I have found myself, like many people, working at a 9-5 job (or worse) that has left me bored, uninspired and weary.   I've been there more than once in my life.  Each time I found my way to the world of small business ownership.

The great thing is that no one has to remain in a job that doesn't make them happy.  Anyone can become a successful small business owner!

I'd like to tell you a story about myself and how babies have proven to be  my inspiration to starting my own businesses.  The best of which is this website!

I came about my entrepreneurial spirit quite honestly. My father owned his own businesses for as long as I can remember.

I watched him as I grew up with fascination.

Yes, he worked hard, put in lots of hours, but it was so obvious he was doing something he truly loved. It was exciting and fulfilling for him.

He was my first experience with an entrepreneur.

Since then, I have met many entrepreneurs.  I have found that they are a spirited people, who have found working at something they truly have a passion for is how they define success.

My father certainly met that description. He loved the challenge of his work. He thrived on the excitement of creating a business from nothing.

He loved to tell us that to be successful you needed to be creative, think outside the box, don't give up, be honest and above all..............

Dream it!

Believe it!

Achieve it!

(I'm sure you're wondering what this has to do with babies.)

Well, you see years and years ago (remember I am a Grandma), I had been working in a large corporate retail organization. I was in a management role overseeing a number of associates in several departments.

Then my daughter was born!

I found I couldn't tolerate the crazy retail schedule and my precious newborn in a daycare for 12 hours a day. I hated to think that I might miss some or all of those important firsts that happen with a newborn.

I missed her dearly.

Only two weeks into returning to work after her birth, I was beside myself.

Totally miserable and not seeing any options.

Then out of the blue, an opportunity came along that would allow me to become my own boss.

Without hesitation, I left the corporate world to be a small business owner.

My first endeavor as an entrepreneur!

This allowed me to have my daughter with me all the time. I didn't miss those special little moments as she grew from that tiny infant to enter grade school.

For 10 years, I managed a reasonably successful group of brick and mortar businesses.

Then, the failure of my first marriage ultimately forced the sale of the businesses and my reentry into the corporate world. 

Life moves on!

I married my present husband,  during my second round in corporate America.

Over the years, I talked with him often about owning my own business. Occasionally checking into different opportunities, but not finding the right type of business to suit me.

I had determined that I wouldn't be happy with a brick and mortar type of business. I wanted the flexibility to do other things that we enjoy.

I even started my own eBay business, but did not seen any real success with it.  I have found that it's is more of a hobby (at least for now till I tie it in with my website business).

Life brings the unexpected! 

In the meantime, my beautiful daughter grew up, fell in love and married.

She was on her honeymoon when I was diagnosed with cancer.


What a thing to shake up your entire world. One of those life events that has you rethink where you are and where you are going.

(I am thrilled to say that I have been cancer free since April 30, 2008.)

Everyday of my life since that diagnosis is a cherished gift.

All the more reason, I needed to find a way to earn an income that allows me the flexibility to enjoy each day in a special way.

Then our grandson was born!

(Remember, there's something about babies that gets my entrepreneurial spirit moving.)

I now had even more drive to find a way to become my own boss again. With my daughter's family hours away and my 50+ hour job, spending time with our grandson was not easy.

It's very important to me to be able to be with and enjoy my grandchildren. I need much more than the few hours at a monthly visit. 

I really wanted a flexible schedule that would allow me to visit my grandchildren when I wanted to, not when by corporate job would let me.  A business that would offer a passive type income so that I could set my work hours myself, rather than the business set them for me was my perfect job.

I checked out so many "get rich quick without doing anything" type scams it makes my head spin.

I knew there were ways to create a good solid on-line business, I just couldn't seem to find the right opportunity.

So I started focusing even more on the eBay store to see if I could uncover just the right products to sell.

It was actually while working with a product sourcing vendor that I stumbled across SBI

SBI stands for Solo Build It!, and it helps anyone with the inspiration and drive to do so, to turn any hobby, passion, or skill into a viable on-line business.

All by following their proven step by step process and creating a content driven website around a specific topic or niche.

With all the crazy loser programs I had checked out previously, I approached SBI with considerable skepticism.

The vendor that recommended SBI had always been reliable and has a great reputation as honest and forthcoming.

So maybe this SBI thing had some validity.

The more research I did on SBI and the more I read through the materials, the more convinced I became that this really might be my answer.

I checked out all sorts of websites that I found powered by SBI. I read articles, sought out anything I could that would tell me to run the other way.

But I couldn't find anything or anyone to tell me to run.

I showed my husband what I had found, had him read some of the articles, review my research. He also had some initial skepticism.

What made me think I could actually build a website that would make any money?

I finally came to the conclusion it was worth a shot. After all, there was a money back guarantee/

I am so excited that I did! 

My website,, fits so well with our new grandchildren.

I really had found myself stumbling over nursery rhymes when visiting with my grandson. In learning the steps in SBI and relearning nursery rhymes, I found my first niche.

The journey with SBI has been exciting and challenging.

I have learned so much about creating an online business, a business model that didn't exist the first time I answered the entrepreneurial call.

While I had been exposed to the world wide web in my second corporate job, I knew little more than how to search for things that interested me, not how to build a website.

With Solo Build It!, I found an array of incredibly powerful, but user friendly tools, as well as a step by step Action Guide that has led me to build not only a website, but an on-line business.

It takes time, energy and focus to develop your business, but the payoffs are fabulous!

Similar to a brick and mortar business, developing a new on-line business is not for the lazy and impatient.  

However, with the guidance, advice, and tools that SBI has to offer, you just need to bring as much time as you have available, your passion, your brain and motivation.

When you are "working" on something you find exciting and that you're passionate about, it doesn't even feel like work.  

I knew nothing about developing a website, nothing about creating web pages and links and keywords.

But that did not stop me!

With the guidance that the SBI program gives me, along with support from the community of successful SBIer's, I have found my own success.

I have found a fun, creative, challenging way to funnel my entrepreneurial energy into something I am truly enjoying.

What does this type of business give me?

Something Special

  • Freedom to set my own schedule - I can work as many hours as I want, anytime I want
  • The challenge of learning something new every single day
  • The opportunity to be creative in all sorts of ways
  • The ability to work from anywhere - laptop in hand
  • The chance to build an income stream that works even if I don't feel like it
  • A way to retire from the corporate world
  • The opportunity to live my dreams

Let SBI take you by the hand and lead you gently down the path to success.

I've never regretted it!

SBI! Proof

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