Activities with Nursery Rhymes

Activities with nursery rhymes can turn reading and reciting into a learning playtime event.

Just trying to memorize a rhyme can seem tedious and boring to a little one.   It can also be frustrating for us adults.

But making the rhyme fun with clapping, noise, finger paints, dance or play acting makes learning the rhyme a delightful experience.  

The more interesting and fun learning can be, the more likely your little one will enjoy the learning experience.  

They'll want to learn more and more, stretching their skills.

Not only do activities with nursery rhymes make learning fun, there are all sorts of benefits for your special little one.

Activity Benefits

Bringing creativity into your child's learning has lots of benefits.  The activities that I've shared with my grandchildren have been stepping stones to improving all sorts of cognitive and physical skills.

  • Improved coordination with managing large and small items with their fingers and hands
  • Recall skills as they learn each new rhyme
  • Improved language with new words and new meanings
  • Develop listening skills in following instructions
  • Learn how to interact with others with courtesy and respect
  • Creative thought as they design their own craft item or their own dance to go with a rhyme
  • Exercise as they dance, jump rope, clap and sing

Most of all, have lots of fun, learning is such a joy!


Activity Ideas

Below you'll find several different types of activities to try with your little ones.

Try different ones at different ages to see what works best for you and your child.

As they grow, try different ideas along with those Mother Goose rhymes to bring out their creativity and stretch their imaginations.

Hand motions and fingerplays use different hand gestures and clapping along with the words of the verse to create rhythmic play.

Be sure to check out the different activities for little ones just using their hands and fingers.

Arts and crafts allow your child to use their imagination and creativity as they learn the rhymes.

From painting to creating their own spider webs, the craft ideas are lots of fun.

Full body motions allow your little one to act out the verse with all sorts of body actions.

From dancing to tiptoeing, these activities are also great exercise.

Story Baskets are a great way to allow your little one to get involved with the rhymes.  

Assembling the baskets then using all their little props to recite the rhyme has wonderful positive impacts to your child's development.

Puppets have always been one of my favorite ways to tell a story.  

This year, my grandchildren and I have been exploring different types of homemade puppets.  They always get so excited to play with their final creation.

Do you have a great game or craft that you do with nursery rhymes?

Children love to play as they learn! Whether that's clapping to the rhythym of the verse, acting out the characters, playing games or creating great artwork!

We would love to hear about games, arts and crafts, fingerplays, anything that you do with your special little one to make nursery rhymes a fun interactive learning activity.

We know our mom's and grandma's have great ways to entertain while teaching their children and grandchildren.

Please share with us those fun learning experiences.

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