Mother Goose Rhymes

Mother Goose is the grand dame of children's nursery rhymes.

Just the words Mother Goose conjures up images of a great white bird with a bonnet on her head and tiny reading glasses resting on her bill.

For some others, the image is a grandmotherly lady with a bonnet and reading glasses riding on a magnificent white goose.

Either image brings with it those great little rhymes of whimsy, magic, nonsense and fun!

We were raised on these whimisical rhymes as were our children and now our grandchildren.

These fabulous little rhymes and the images of Mother Goose have a long history that goes back for hundreds of years.

Did you know there is even a Mother Goose Day in honor of these great rhymes and stories?

We have gathered in our library many of the well known and some not so known nursery rhymes.

In some cases, we have included the different variations found in our research, if there were different versions for a particular rhyme.

Below you will find links to the various libraries or use the navigation bars on the left.

All our rhymes are filed in the library by the first word of the proper title of the verse.

If you don't find the verse you are interested in, try our site search tool below.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, please fill in our request form at the bottom of the page with as much of the verse as you can.

We are more than happy to try to find the nursery rhyme for you and add it to the library.

Search our site by typing in part of the rhyme or some keywords from the verse.

Please enjoy and share them with your special little one.

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Can't find that special nursery rhyme you remember as a child?

Do you remember only the title or a snippet of the verse?

Do you keep reciting in your head parts of it and can't quite get it right?

Does it stir wonderful warm and loving memories that you wish to share with a special child in your life?

Then let us help you find that special rhyme so that you can share it with your children and grandchildren.

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It was in a collection of books called journey through book land and recently someone from South Africa was telling how the letter z is really supposed …

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History of Mother Goose - learn how those verses became associated with this grand old lady!

Mother Goose Day - celebrate on May 1st!

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