Mouse, a Frog and a Little Red Hen

Once a Mouse, a Frog and a Little Red Hen,

Together kept a house,

The Frog was the laziest of frogs,

And lazier still was the Mouse.

The work all fell on the Little Red Hen,

Who had to get the wood,

And build the fires, and scrub, and cook,

And some times hunt the food.

One day, as she went to scratching around,

She found a bag of rye,

Said she, "Now who will make some bread?"

Said the lazy Mouse, "Not I."

"Nor I," croaked the frog,

As he drowsed in the shade,

Red Hen made no reply,

But few around with a bowl and spoon,

And mixed and stirred the rye.

"Who'll make the fire to bake the bread?"

Said the Mouse again, "Not I,"

And, scarcely opening his sleepy eyes,

Frog made the same reply.

The Little Red Hen said never a word,

But a roaring fire she made,

And while the bread was baking brown,

"Who'll set the table?" she said.

"Not I", said the sleepy Frog with a yawn,

"Nor I," said the Mouse again,

So the table she set and the bread put on,

"Who'll eat this bread?" said the Hen.

"I will!" cried the Frog.

"And I!" squeaked the Mouse,

As they near the table drew,

"Oh, no, you won't!" said the Little Red Hen,

And away with the loaf she flew.

Homemade Chicken Costume - for the cutest little chick ever!

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are lots of fun for little ones.  They enjoy learning new skills and adding their own creativity to the page.  

Just click on a link below for a free coloring page that goes along with this rhyme.  Once the link has opened you may print as many as you like.

Chicken     Cartoon Mouse     Mouse      Frog     Spotted Frog    

Frog on Lilypad

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