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Children love to color, as I can attest to with my two grandchildren.  

They enjoy it so much that I keep a special bag of coloring supplies on hand for their visits.

On their last visit, my grandchildren discovered a new addition to their art supplies.

I had added a whole stack of delightful nursery rhyme related coloring pages.

They were so excited when they discovered the new pages.  They thanked me several times and we're tickled to find out I could print out more of their favorites.

I've found that coloring is not just a fun activity for children but it has lots of benefits as well.

Benefits of Coloring

There are lots of good reasons to encourage your little ones to color.  

Not only is this activity a great way to keep them quietly occupied for a few moments to give you a chance to relax, there's learning going on as well.

  • They start to recognize and learn colors
  • They get to practice holding a writing tool, especally if they are using colored pencils or washable markers
  • They learn to focus on details and plan on how they are going to approach a project
  • They learn to take pride in their own creativity
  • They learn about shapes and contrasts
  • They develop eye to hand coordination
  • They develop concentration skills

Free Printables

With all these great benefits for your toddler and preschooler, you'll want plenty of coloring pages around to keep them developing and learning.

With the nursery rhyme related coloring pages from our site, you can also  practice the rhymes together.  

Another new skill for your little one to develop with memorizing, reciting and perhaps a little play acting with their finished artwork.

All you need to do is click on the selections below to be taken to a page with various pictures of the coloring pages.  Once on that page, peruse the various pictures.  

Clicking on the picture will open a full page PDF for you to print as many copies as you would like.

Animals - from barnyards to mystical!

Activities -  baking to sailing

Characters - babies to royalty

Great outdoors - under the sea to the man in the moon

Flowers - flowers and the tools to garden with

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Enjoy the coloring pages and let us know how your little one enjoys them too!

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