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Little Bunny


There was a little bunny who lived in the woods

Continue reading "Little Bunny"

The Unicorn


a delightful rhyme about the lovely unicorn

Continue reading "The Unicorn"

Five Speckled Frogs

five spotted frogs

Five green and speckled frogs

Continue reading "Five Speckled Frogs"

One Little Dragonfly


One little dragonfly with four shiny wings

Continue reading "One Little Dragonfly"

I Have A LIttle Frog

frog with bubble

I have a little frog

Continue reading "I Have A LIttle Frog"

The Squirrel


Whisky, frisky, hippity hop

Continue reading "The Squirrel"

Baby Blue Whale

blue whales

Here come the blue whales, baby and mom

Continue reading "Baby Blue Whale"

Dinosaur Bedtime


Sleepy time for dinosaurs

Continue reading "Dinosaur Bedtime"

I'm A Little Sunflower


I'm a little sunflower

Continue reading "I'm A Little Sunflower"

The Rainbow Fairies

Rainbow fairies

the rainbow faires

Continue reading "The Rainbow Fairies"

Animal Parade

jungle animals

zoo animals on parade

Continue reading "Animal Parade"

Down In The Jungle

baby jungle animals

Down in the jungle where nobody goes

Continue reading "Down In The Jungle"

Cuddle Club

Cuddle Club

Join our Cuddle Club to receive 20% off your next purchase at Quilted Rhymes Boutique!

Continue reading "Cuddle Club "

If You're Ever In The Forest

woodland creatures

If you're ever in the forest

Continue reading "If You're Ever In The Forest"

I'm A Little Fish

fish in sea

I'm a little fish oh

Continue reading "I'm A Little Fish"

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