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Baby Gifts

Nursery rhyme themes always make for unique baby gifts!

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Handmade Baby Quilts

Beautiful handmade baby quilts are the perfect baby blanket for those special little ones.

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Quilted Rhymes- Handmade Baby Rag Quilts

At Quilted Rhymes you'l find cherished handmade baby rag quilts and more!

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Baby Blue's Bottle

Baby Blue's bottle Was bought at the bakery By baby blue's brother Benjamin Bryer

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The Transportation Song

Take a bus or take a train

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Found A Feather

Found a feather, found a feather on the ground

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Five Grey Elephants

Five grey elephants standing in a row.....

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Jungle Song

Tiger, tiger, orand and black, He's got stripes upon his back......

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What Are Little Boys Made Of Diaper Cake

What Are Little Boys Made Of inspired this little boy diaper cake.

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Five Wooly Mammoths

Five wooly mammoths walking through the snow....

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Dinosaur Song

I am a dinosaur

Continue reading "Dinosaur Song"

Six Little Ducks

Six little ducks, that I once knew

Continue reading "Six Little Ducks"

Gentle Giraffe

My best friend is a gentle giraffe....

Continue reading "Gentle Giraffe"

Pacifier Holder

Quilted Rhymes presents their very own unique pacifier holder!

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Little Blue Whale

Little blue whale nursery rhyme is a delight for little ones...

Continue reading "Little Blue Whale"

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