Quilted Rhymes
Cherished handmade baby rag quilts

Don't you just love handmade baby quilts?  

Handmade baby rag quilts are made with loving care to ensure everything about them is perfect. 

Since I absolutely love handmade wares, I decided to partner with a local artisan to create some of the most delightful handmade quilted baby gifts you'll find anywhere.

Our handmade rhyme themed baby items are perfect for babies!

Do you want your baby to have blankets and other items just like any other that can be picked up at the local mall?  

Or do you want something so unique, so carefully crafted that no one else will have one exactly like it?

Of course you want The Perfect Unique Baby Wares!



We have a very unique line of products with baby rag quilts, ragged throw pillows, rag quilt burp cloths and pacifier holders.  We are constantly working on designing new and delightful products.

Every one of our baby products has a fresh twist on children's rhymes and songs. Each is a fabulous creative interpretation of a child's verse, nursery rhyme or favorite song.

Our themes make these items so special and unique.  

Natural Fabrics

100% Cotton!!

That's all we use to make our delightful baby quilts, pillows, burp cloths and pacifier holders.

This incredible renewable resource is the perfect fabric for babies.

  • light weight 
  • breathable
  • hypo allergenic
  • durable
  • easy to care for
  • washable/dryable
  • soft
  • all natural
  • static free.

We carefully select each print and solid in patterns and colors to create a beautiful interpretation of a verse.  

Baby Rag Quilts

For our baby rag quilts, we layer three squares of the cotton fabrics.

This layering creates a lightweight quilt that is perfect for babies and toddlers. Our quilts are not heavy, which allow your baby to have a comfortable sleep.

We all know a well rested baby is a happy baby!

While lightweight, the layering of the cotton fabrics adds to the insulation effect, keeping your little one cozy and warm. Even in warmer temperatures, the quilts are not too warm, as the fabric draws heat away from their little bodies.

Ragged Throw Pillows

Our pillows are perfect for that added touch to your nursery or toddlers room. Each pillow depicts a favorite verse in fun and colorful prints and solid fabrics.

All of our pillows are designed to coordinate with many of our baby rag quilts. So while you're shopping check out our decorative throw pillows.  We may just have the perfect complimentary pillow for your favorite quilt.

Customizing Your Pillow

You might even want to consider personalizing your favorite pillow.

We are currently taking requests to apply a verse from the nursery rhyme that the pillow is based on. We use a heat transfer process to add a verse or the whole rhyme (if it's short) to the solid cotton backside of the pillow.

We are also taking requests to apply your little one's birth information. We can apply your little one's name, date of birth, length and weight in the color ink and font of your choice to the back of your favorite pillow. 

Rag Quilt Burp Cloths

Everyone that has ever fed and burped a baby knows the importance of covering one's shoulder to protect your clothes from the inevitable.

Now you can do that with the most colorful, most unique, most adorable burp cloth ever!

Why look tacky with that stained cloth diaper on your shoulder, when you can look fun and colorful with a rag quilt burp cloth!

Pacifier Holders

There's no need to fumble around in the dark in the middle of the night trying to find that pacifier your little one lost and is now screaming for you to find.

With our totally adorable Pacifier Holders, you can always have plenty of spare pacifiers or "binkys" readily available and at your fingertips.

Just tie them onto your baby crib, the changing table or a handy door knob. Keep some extra binky's stashed inside the flannel lined bag and you'll always have one ready and waiting.

Shopping is Easy

Our unique quilted baby items are sure to become not only your favorites, but I'm sure they'll quickly become the favorites of many a little one.

Find out why Janice Z says," Received the precious "What Are Little Boys Made Of" baby quilt and it is truly an heirloom treasure for our precious grandson."

Or why Linda G says, "Comfortable and so uniquely beautiful! My grandkids love their quilts!"

Find your very own heirloom treasure by clicking on the link to my shop

Quilted Rhymes

You won't want to miss the opportunity to own that absolutely perfect nursery rhyme themed baby quilt.

Happy Shopping!

Homemade Baby Rag Quilts - The Perfect Baby Quilt

Themed Burp Cloths - Beautiful and functional

Decorative Throw Pillows - Perfect finishing touch

Binky Bag to Tooth Fairy Bag - An adorable little problem solver

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