Alternate This Little Piggy Activity

by Emily Neher
(Indiana Usa)

This little piggy........

This little piggy........

This little piggy stubbed his (her) toe.
(Wiggle big toe)

This little piggy said Uh! Oh!
(Wiggle second toe)

This little piggy laughed he (she) was bad.
(Wiggle middle toe)

This little piggy cried he(she) was sad.
(Wiggle fourth toe)

This little piggy was VERY good he (she) ran to the doctor as fast as he (she) could.
(Wiggle pinky toe then "run" fingers across sole of foot a few times)

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May 21, 2022
Where did this come from
by: Anonymous

Timotot, schlikopot, lungoman, gungoman, little Peter spillymon

Jan 03, 2022
Same beginning
by: Shekinah

My grandma would do the piggies larger to smallest:

This little piggy said, I want some corn!

This little piggy said, Where ya gonna get it?

This little piggy said, Grandpa’s barn.

This little piggy said, Yea, I’m gonna tell too.

(Big toe) Long come ol’ mama hog and, root ‘em over, root ‘em over, root ‘em over!

Mar 24, 2020
My mother’s second verse.
by: Anonymous

My mother had a second poem for the other foot. It went like this:

This little piggy said "I want some corn"

This little piggy asked ".where you going to get it?"

This little piggy said "Master’s barn"

this little piggy said. "I’m going to tell"

this little piggy said "wee, wee,wee. I can’t get over the door sill"

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