Costume Contest Entry Tips

Nursery Rhyme Costume Entry

  • The costume must incorporate a nursery rhyme in it's context. This may be a character from the rhyme or a representation of actions from the nursery rhyme.
  • Be sure to include both the idea for your nursery rhyme costume as well as pictures. Both are needed to be accepted for the homemade nursery rhyme costume contest. If you don't submit both with your entry, your submission will be added to the website, but not entered into the contest.
  • The nursery rhyme costume must be homemade. Store bought costumes that are elaborated with homemade creativity will still be entered. However, a straight up store bought costume will not be entered into the contest.
  • The entry must be from you and your family. Do not submit pictures and write ups from other websites. These will not be considered for the contest.
  • Be creative! This accounts for 50% of the points your submission will earn during the judging period. The more creative the better!

Nursery Rhyme Costume Write Up

  • Give your costume a clear yet creative name. Something like Mary's Little Lamb, or Miss Muffet's Spider Friend.
  • Describe in detail how you created the nursery rhyme costume. Your entry will become a web page on this site to share with our other visitors. They'll love to know how you took a simple rhyme and created a fabulous costume.
  • Write ups account for the other 50% of the points assigned during the judging. The easier your write up is to follow, the happier the judges are.

Preparing Your Photos For Submission

  • Be sure to submit up to four (4) photos of your costume with your entry. You will want to edit your photos to ensure your costume presents itself in the best way possible.
  • Crop your photos to eliminate unnecessary background distractions. You want your costume to be the total focus of the picture.
  • Submit photo's showing the process of creation. We love to see how you put it altogether.
  • If you prefer, you can submit a video of your nursery rhyme costume contest entry. This can be directly uploaded or attach a link to the hosting site, such as YouTube where your video is available.

Fill out the entry form below with your creative homemande costume!

Share your homemade nursery rhyme costume and enter our costume contest!

Dressing up in costumes is so much fun! Everyone has a great time pretending to be someone or something else.

If you have created a great nursery rhyme costume, please share it with us!

All that creative energy deserves lots of praise and attention! Share your costume with us and be automatically entered in our homemade nursery rhyme costume contest.

Simply fill in our entry form telling us about your one of a kind creation, upload a few pictures and have a chance to win cash!

Not only do you win cash, you get to be on your very own web page on our site. So keep those creative juices flowing and send us your write up and pictures today!

2014 Nursery Rhyme Homemade Costume Contest - win cash prizes for your creativity!

Nursery Rhyme Costumes from Costume Contest Entry Tips

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