Prickly The Porcupine

Prickly the porcupine

Was curled up in a ball,

You wouldn't  know an animal,

Was lying there at all.

He heard somebody calling

And he tried to have a look,

But found he couldn't move his head,

Poor Prickly was stuck!

Instead of walking on his legs,

He had to roll along,

And tried to find his mommy,

To tell her what was wrong.

Now, as his head was tucked away,

He couldn't see at all,

But just kept right on rolling,

Like a spikey little ball.

Against a hollow beech tree,

He came at last to a rest,

Quite startling a woodpecker,

Who there had made it's nest.

The bird flew down to prickly,

To see what she could do,

And tried to get him unrolled,

In the only way she knew.

Her clever bleak pecked sharply,

At the joining she could see,

Till Prickly uncurled again,

Relieved that he was free.

He thanked the kindly woodpecker,

And once more feeling fine,

He scuttled home to mommy,

Now a happy porcupine!

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