Homemade Little Bo Peep Costume

Little Bo Peep is an easy costume to put together.

You'll need the following

  • Prettiest dress your little one owns
  • Hat or bonnet
  • Small version of a garden shepherd's hook - can be found at discount garden centers in all sorts of sizes
  • Plastic yard candy cane
  • Sturdy cardboard (if you don't have a shepherds hook)
  • Paint or crayons
  • Ribbon
  • Stuffed lamb

Dress your little one in her prettiest dress.

If you have a shepherd's hook, tie the ribbon to the top in a bow with some ribbon for tails.

If you don't have a garden shephard's hook, you can use a plastic candy cane.

Spray paint the plastic candy cane to whatever color that will coordinate with your Little Bo Peep's dress.

If neither idea above works for your shepherd's hook, draw one on the sturdy cardboard.

Paint or color the hook and cut it out.

Tie the ribbon to the top of your cardboard hook.

Have your Little Bo Peep carry the hook and the lamb.

Easy and adorable!

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