Doctor Drake

On a hummock by the lake

Stands the home of Doctor Drake,

Poor old doctor, how he works!

Week by week he never shirks.

Pulling teeth for quinea fowl,

Soothing puppies when they howl,

Whittling out a hickory peg,

For a gander's broken leg.

Giving medicine away,

About a hundred times a day.

Linseed oil and elderbark

To a croaking meadowlark.

Nasty, bitter yarrow tea,

To a tipsy bumble bee,

A poultice made of plantain leaves

To cure a rabbit with the heaves.

Fever, colic, cramp, or stitch,

Kitten croup or beaver's itch,

Any kind of pain or ache,

Is cured by dear old Doctor Drake.

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