There are very few nursery room pieces that are more special, beautiful and cozy than a bassinet for your newborn baby! 

A newborn baby loves to feel warm, snuggly, comforted and safe, especially when he or she is sleeping. 

After all, that special little one just gave up the warmest, snuggliest, safest sleeping place ever when he/she came into this world.

A bassinet is a wonderful cozy bed for a newborn up until they are about four to six months old. 

This type of bed can be very convenient, as they are generally small enough to move around to various rooms or locations as needed.  

You can easily keep your newborn close at night by placing their bed next to your very own bed.

Close enough for you to keep an eye and ear on them, whilst not giving up your own sleeping comfort.  Not only is this reassuring for your little one, but for you too! 

Safety Features 

When shopping for this special bed, be sure to watch for the following safety features.  

  • A firm mattress that fits snugly in the bottom
  • A sturdy bottom that will hold your baby's weight
  • If slatted, be sure the slats are close together (no more than 2 3/8" apart) to prevent little heads from getting caught
  • If there are folding legs, be sure they have a locking feature to prevent collapse
  • If there are wheels, be sure there are locks on the wheels
  • Choose high quality construction, be sure screws are tight 
  • While some bassinets come with bedding, be sure to remove pillows and extras before placing your newborn to sleep

Designs for Any Style

Whether your baby nursery style is contemporary, traditional, country or elaborate, there is a bassinet that is perfect for you.

Most bassinets are small with some sort of hood at one end.  They can be set on a stand or designed with handles for you to carry them about.

This type of bed can be simple, stylish and functional with sleek contemporary design features. 

Clean, straight lines with simple fabrics and no frillly fabrics and lace are great for a contemporary styled nursery.

Or, if you feel strong contemporary is too cold for your tastes, there are more traditional looks as well.  These have softer lines, softer fabrics, yet remain a clean transitional style.

If you prefer a lavish, frilly, soft and lacy look for your special prince or princess, there are definitely styles to suit your tastes.  These adorable little beds can be functional and scrumptious.

There are those that have curvy lines, lacy fabrics, bows and arches that make for quite the lavish elaborate designs.

There are even styles for that mom on the go.  Portable, practical, and easy to pack and carry to wherever she may need to go with her precious cargo.

The portable styles can range from simple handles to carry your little one around to those that fit nicely on a stroller for ease of transportation.

Bassinet Prices

Bassinets, cradles or even moses baskets are all terms found referencing these smaller beds designed for newborns.  

Based on the style, the materials, and the sturdiness of the design, you'll find prices can range in cost from about about $65- $150 for a basic style, to over $500 for more fanciful versions.

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