Apple Pie

Says A, give me a good large slice,

Says B, a little bit, but nice.

Says C, cut me a piece of crust,

Take it, says D, it's dry as dust,

Says E, I'll eat it fast,

Says F, I vow I'll have my fill,

Says G, give it to me good and great,

Says H, a little bit I hate,

Says I, it's ice I must request,

Says J, the juice I love the best,

Says K, let's keep it up above,

Says L, the border's what I love,

Says M, it makes your teeth to chatter, 

N said, it's nice, there's naught the matter

O other's plates with grief surveyed,

P for the large piece begged and prayed,

Q quarelled for the topmost slice, 

R rubbed his hands and said "it's nice",

S silent sat and simply looked,

T thought and said, "it's nicely cooked",

U understood the fruit was cherry,

V vanished when they all got merry,

W wished there'd been a quince in,

X here explained he'd need convincing,

Y said, "I'll eat and yield to none",

Z like a zany, said he'd be done,

While ampersand purloined the dish,

And for another pie did wish.

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