A was an archer, who shot at a frog.

B was a butcher, and had a great dog.

C was a captain, all covered with lace.

D was a duncehead, and had a red face.

E was an esquire, with pride on his brow.

F was a farmer, and followed the plow.

G was a gamester, who had but ill luck.

H was a hunter, and hunted a buck.

I was an innkeeper, who loved to carouse.

J was a joiner, and built up a house.

K was King William, once governed this land.

L was a lady, who had a white hand.

M was a miser, and hoarded up gold.

N was a nobleman, gallant and bold.

O was an oyster girl, and went about town.

P was a parson, and wore a black gown.

Q was a queen, who wore a silk slip.

R was a robber, and wanted a whip.

S was a sailor, and spent all he got.

T was a tinker, and mended a pot.

U was a usurer, a miserable elf.

V was a vintner, who drank all himself.

W was a watchman, and guarded the door.

X was expensive, and so became poor.

Y was a youth, that did not love school.

Z was a zany, a poor harmless fool.

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