Animal Parade

On Mardi Gras day, when the zoo is closed,

The animals get together and prepare their throws.

They don't use floats, but have dukes and maids

And they all line up, for the animal parade.

The lion is King Rex, the elephant his Queen.

They are the cutest couple, that you ever have seen.

They come struttin', sun, rain or shade

And they all line up for the animal parade.

The gator's on the flambeau, the hippo's second line.

The chimp is in his tux, he's lookin mighty fine.

Can't keep the orangutan, behind the barricade.

They all wanna line up for the animal parade.

Later in the evening, when the parade is done.

They go to the ball, where the fun's begun.

And then at midnight, when the music fades

They remember the fun of the animal parade.

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