Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower

A nursery rhyme baby shower theme is a fun way to use those great children's rhymes.

We did exactly that with the baby shower we had for the our soon to be granddaughter.

Nursery rhymes are a great source of baby shower ideas.

From invitations, decorations, menus, cakes, gamesparty favors, and thank you notes, you can choose a variety of nursery rhymes to incorporate into your party theme.

So to start your preparations, think about which of the hundreds of nursery rhymes are your favorites. Then use them as the base of your baby shower theme.

It's easy to choose characters from your list of favorite rhymes to build your theme around.

For instance, Humpty Dumpty, Mary Had a Little Lamb or perhaps Mother Goose herself.

Using Mother Goose as your central figure makes it easy to build an assorted cast of characters around her.

Another great choice is to use the various characters from High Diddle Diddle, since there are so many characters in the poem.

Once you have settled on your characters you can start designing your theme.

Invitations are easy to make yourself using a computer, card stock and a printer.

Download graphics of your theme characters and use them to create one of a kind invitations.

You can even create matching thank you notes for the mother to be to thank her quests for the wonderful baby gifts.

Or if you don't feel creative enough to make your nursery rhyme themed shower invitations, check out Grandmas invitations and their matching thank you notes for unique designs that you can order.

Decorating for the baby shower can incorporate items such as a homemade nursery rhyme banner, name cards for the guests, and party favor centerpieces.

One of the best centerpieces is a nursery rhyme themed diaper cake.

Filled with diapers and other assorted must haves for the new baby, the diaper cake is a great centerpiece for your gift table.

Then use your homemade or bakery made character cake for the dining table centerpiece.

Even your menu can be based on nursery rhymes.

Many rhymes have food items in them, such as puddings, pies, muffins, apples, plums and pumpkins.

All these lend themselves easily to create a whimsical menu for your guests.

What baby shower would be complete without some fun and games?

We used a couple of nursery rhyme riddles and questions for our daughter's baby shower.

It was a lot of fun hearing the guests trying to recite nursery rhymes to get to the answers. Interesting how those great little rhymes are remembered after one grows up.

There are all sort of games from riddles to scavenger hunts that easily fit into your nursery rhyme baby shower.

A nursery rhyme baby shower can be a whole lot of fun!

They bring back memories of raising your own little one and helps introduce the new mom to these great rhymes.

Baby Shower Invitations - Some fun ideas to make personalized baby shower invitations!

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Baby Shower Menu - It's easy to create special nursery rhyme dishes for your guests to enjoy!

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Baby Shower Games & Activities - Getting your shower guests involved and enjoying each other is as easy as games and activities!

Baby Gifts - Great ideas for nursery rhyme baby gifts and gift baskets!

Diaper Cakes - Great gift that doubles as baby shower decor!

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Tell us about your nursery rhyme baby shower!

We know our guests have great imaginations! We'd love to hear about the theme you chose and how you set the mood for your guests and mother to be.

Please share with all of us your creative ideas for a wonderful baby shower!

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