Grandma's Puppet Store

Do your little ones love to play act?

Puppets are a great way for them to do just that!  They can act out anything from nursery rhymes, to songs, to their own plays with a variety of fun characters.

Grandma's Puppet Store has everything your children need to enjoy creating their own dramatic plays.  

Are they crafty and like to make their own characters?

There are kits to create their own puppets.  These kits contain everything they need to assemble their own fun characters.  Kits range from simple stick puppets to paper plates, paper bags to socks.

Don't want to make puppets?  

Grandma's Puppet Store offers ready made puppets for every age group and skill set.

For those little toddlers, we have finger puppets that the can easily slip on their little fingers to tell their story.  

For the pre-schoolers, we have hand and glove puppets that will slip over their full hands.  These require just a little larger hand and coordination, but will surely bring out the actor in your child.

For the more advanced children, or perhaps for yourself, there are marionettes.  These fun puppets require a bit more coordination to get those various parts moving in the right direction in harmony.

To put on the best puppet play, you need a great theater!

From simple table top models to full scale theaters with curtains and show clocks, you'll be able to find the perfect theater for your puppet plays.

Search for various items in the shop by clicking on the categories in the "Browse By Category" box to the right.  

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Happy Shopping!