Nursery Rhyme Costume Shop

Are you tired of all those superhero, cartoon, comic book and dare I say Disney costumes?

Grandma's Nursery Rhyme Costume Shop is full of fun rhyme and storybook character costumes for all ages.  From jungle animals, birds and bugs, to royalty, you'll find great costumes for the whole family.

Just need an accessory piece to complete your homemade costume?

Our shop is full of wigs, capes, hats, shoes, mustaches and so much more to put the finishing touch on your homemade costume.

It's so simple to shop here!  Tab through the various items, add them to your shopping cart, then check out.  Everything will be delivered to you and all you had to do was click the mouse from the comfort of your home.

Everything you need to create the perfect costume!  

From babies to daddies, we have a costume just for you!  Click on the item you're looking for and have a great time shopping for the perfect costume. Or find that perfect accessory to finish your own creation!

Shopping is easy with check out through Amazon.com.  

Happy Shopping!

Infant Costumes

From colorful flowers to cuddly furry animals, our costumes will make your baby's first Halloween full of fun memories!

Toddler Costumes

We have a great selection of lions and tigers and bears! OH MY! Even adorable flowers, bees and butterflies!

Kid's Costumes

Children have all sorts of reasons to need a costume. They maybe in a school play, a holiday pageant, Halloween or just because they love to play dress up.

Adult Costumes

Yes, even adults can dress in nursery rhyme costumes.

There are lots of characters that adults can feel comfortable dressing up as.

Pet Costumes

Those of us who are pet lovers somehow can't resist dressing up our four legged friends along with us.

Costume Accessories

Already have a great idea for your own homemade costume, but just missing that one accessory that will set it off?

Shop here for nearly everything you need to add that perfect finishing touch to your costume.